Experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise became participants of the scientific and practical seminar “Features of the inspection of the accident scene (fire scene) and the conduction of fire and technical expertise, which was held in the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, National police of Ukraine were invited to take part in the event as well as scientific and expert institutions and higher educational institutions.

The relevance of the experts’ meeting is beyond doubt, since fire and technical expertise is one of the most complex engineering and technical types of research. It is conducted to determine the causes of fires, the circumstances that contribute to the occurrence and spread of fires, the determination of the place (fire) of the fire occurrence, its duration, etc. Similar research also makes it possible to establish the conformity of the fire-fighting condition of the object with the requirements of fire and technogenic safety standards. In case the object didn’t meet these requirements and there was a fire, it is possible to determine whether these inconsistencies were in the causal relationship with the occurrence of a fire.

The event combined theoretical and practical components, which became an active discussion of the urgent problems of conducting an inspection of the accident scene.

Attention of the present participants, first of all, was focused on the features of collecting evidence, determining the ways to commit and conceal such crimes, and also particular attention was paid to the procedural status of a specialist and an expert.

In addition, it was discussed the need to develop a system of tactical methods, that should be used in the inspection of the site of a fire, including the features of fixing and seizing evidence, the use of special knowledge, the appointment of various types of forensic expertise in the process of dynamic and static stages of inspections.

Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise at the seminar was represented by Oleksandr Shmereho, the Head of the Department for Research in Life Safety, Fire Technical and Electrical Engineering Research of KFI and Oleksandr Lysenko, the Deputy Head of the Department.

The reports of the participants of KFI were dedicated to the organizational issues of investigating the circumstances of fires and compliance with fire safety requirements and the features of fires related to the emergency operation of electrical equipment.

“One of the most topical problems for today is the training of personnel. As a result of the fact that specialized educational institutions do not provide specialists who investigate accident scenes with sufficient level of knowledge initial actions at the site of the fire are performed improperly. This considerably complicates to conduct of forensic expertise and in many cases allows offenders to avoid responsibility. The issue requires an immediate solution through cooperation with specialized educational institutions”, noticed Oleksandr Shmereho, the Head of the Department for Research in Life Safety, Fire and Technical Engineering Research at KFI.

After the active discussions, participants came to the conclusion that such events facilitate to establish cooperation and develop a single approach to solving problematic issues that arise during such an investigative action as an inspection of the accident scene (fire scene) and the specific features of the appointment of the fire-technical expertise. The results of this seminar will find their importance in practical recommendations and proposals for making changes and amendments to the legislation of Ukraine.