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The conference “New technologies for the seizure, recovery and analysis of digital information for the needs of operational, investigative activities and expertise” was held in KFI

14 May 2018

Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine hosted an international scientific and practical conference on new technologies for seizure, recovery and analysis of digital information for the needs of operational, investigative activities and expertise.

The purpose of the conference was to familiarize the conference participants with the latest capabilities of hardware and software products for receiving, processing, using and analyzing digital data during operational, investigative and expert activities.

More than 70 participants attended the event, including representatives of research institutions of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service, leading experts in the field of work with data from electronic devices, as well as other specialists working with seizure, search and analysis of information.

Representatives of SoftiCo (Ukraine), Guidance Software (OpenTex) (USA), Prime Consulting & Technologies (Denmark) and Association of Information Technology League (Ukraine) attended KFI. The guests presented the audience with the latest Tableau and Tableau TX1 Imager products, introduced the EnCase Mobile Investigator and the latest EnCase Session features - EnCase V8. The seminar participants also had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with and understand new possibilities of application of the software complex Ultimate Forensics.

Oleksandr Ruvin, the director of KFI, noted that computer expertise is currently one of the effective methods of proving when a crime or an offense was committed using computer tools, digital equipment or information data.

An examination allows to identify significant signs of a crime (incident) and to form an integral evidence base by examining information that is on a computer in electronic storage (CDs, DVDs, USB drives, etc.) along with recovery and analysis of deleted data from storage media and other. In the process of the research, an independent expert provides and analyzes information for further evaluation of the data obtained and preparation of an expert opinion.

In general, the seminar facilitated the establishment of interdepartmental communication between specialists, the study of the possibilities of modern technologies and the joint search for solutions to the problematic issues that arise in the process of removing, restoring and analyzing digital information.

At the end of the conference, all the participants received the certificates of attendance of the event.