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To the attention of the authors of the articles of the collection “Forensics and Criminalistics”

28 December 2018

The procedure for reviewing publications

Scientific articles submitted to the editorial board of the scientific-methodical collection “Forensics and Criminalistics” pass through the institute’s peer review. It should be noted that the articles of Doctors and PhD of science are not reviewed.

Forms of reviewing articles:

  • internal (reviewing manuscripts of articles by members of the editorial board, employees of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise or specialists of those institutions and educational institutions that initiated the submission of the article);
  • external (review by leading experts in the relevant field of forensic science, the criminal process, forensic examination and operational investigative activities, as well as forensic medicine).

The executive secretary determines the compliance of the article with the profile of the scientific and methodological collection “Forensics and Criminalistics” and the requirements for the design of articles.

Articles are sent for peer review to specialists (Doctors or PhD of science) who are leading experts in this field of knowledge.

The terms of the review in each case are determined by the executive secretary, taking into account the creation of conditions for the most rapid publication of the article.

The review should highlight the following questions:

  • whether the title of the article corresponds to the content of the article;
  • how the article corresponds to the modern achievements of scientific and theoretical thought;
  • whether an article is available to readers on which it is calculated, in terms of language, style, location of material, visualization of tables, diagrams, drawings, etc.;
  • is the publication of the article expedient in the light of the previously published literature on this issue? what exactly are the positive aspects, as well as the shortcomings of the article, which corrections and additions must be made by the author;
  • the conclusion about the possibility of publishing this scientific article in the collection: “recommended”, “recommended in the light of the correction of deficiencies noted by the reviewer” or “not recommended”:

The article, which is not recommended by the reviewer for publication, is not accepted for reconsideration.

The presence of a positive review is not sufficient reason for the publication of the article.

The final decision on the expediency of publication is taken by the editorial board of the edition.

Editorial Board