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Handwriting and Linguistic Examinations

  • Reseach of Handwriting and Signatures

The main objective of handwriting examination is to identify a performer of a handwritten text, limited in scope handwritten entries (alphabetic and numeric) and a signature. This expertise can solve some non-identification tasks (to detect the fact of performing the manuscript under the influence of any (natural or artificial) distracting factors, in unusual circumstances or unusual performer’s condition, deliberately altered handwriting, imitation of another person’s handwriting, to determine the sex of a performer and his affiliation to a particular age group, etc.).

It is important! Original documents are provided for the handwriting examination of handwritten records and signatures.
  • Linguistic Research of Writing

Linguistic research is divided into subtypes: linguistic research of writing and linguistic research of speech.

Examination on determining the author solves identification problems (to identify the person of the author of the text), and diagnostic tasks (on conditions, specific features of drafting, distortion of writing characteristics, the place where speech skills were formed, mother tongue, education of the author of the document, etc.).

Semantic-textual examination solves the problems of verbal nature, not related to the actual data about the author.

  • Linguistic Research of Speach

Within linguistic examination of speech the identification, diagnostic tests of speech and semantic research of speech are conducted.

Additional information is provided in paragraphs 1, 2 Section I of Scientific Guidance on the preparation and the appointment of forensic examinations and expert studies, approved by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 08.10.1998 № 53/5 (amended).